Certification UNE-EN ISO 3834 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials

The major goal of UNE-EN ISO 3834 “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials” standard is to develop a specific management quality system in order to provide control over any activity related with welding. Setting the requirements to offer welding quality guarantees and competence in the manufacture. It also takes into account the welding coordination function which main purpose is to choose a person capable of taking the responsibility over any welding activity carried out in the company.

This standard may be required either by other standards (such as EN 1090, EN 13445, EN 15085, etc.) or by contract specifications. It offers a basis for the independent evaluation of competence and the capacity of the company executing the manufacture by welding processes. 


UNE-EN ISO 3834 includes three different quality levels (comprehensive, standards and elementary). The appropriate level will be chosen either according to product standards, regulations and contracts or by the company according to the kind of product manufactured.

A company certified under UNE-EN ISO 3834 can take profit commercially by providing a reference in its manufacture by a recognized third party. In addition, in UNE-EN ISO 9606-1 “Qualification testing of welders” is mentioned as one between other conditions that having the manufacturer quality system verified by UNE-EN ISO 3834 parts 2 or 3 (by the welding coordinator confirmations), the qualification of welders remains validated.

Cuándo es adecuado


Metallic structures, oil & gas infrastructures, steel pipes, boilers, pressure vessels, vehicles and rail vehicles, etc.

Companies manufacturing according to European directives (PED, DPC, etc.), as this standard represents a essential point for the presumption of conformity of the manufactured product.

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